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Session Info

Before your session

Before the session is carried out you will be asked to sign a contract. This states your permission for the use of images at my discretion (ie: marketing, portfolio, blog etc). If you have any problems with this, please let me know.


Before the session your booking fee is also due to be paid at least one week in advance, see “Your Investment” under the “Information” tab for more details.


What to except

I do not strive for the perfect image but the perfect memory. I work in natural light at location/s of your choice, or I can suggest a location if you like.


My approach is relaxed and friendly, although you can expect to find me to occasionally call out “look at me…’ for those posed shots. It is about capturing precious moments and turning them into lasting memories. A smile happens in a flash, but the memory can last a lifetime.


Each image taken during your session is viewed, the keepers are then retouched and edited for a high quality finish. Each session comes with your camera time, edited images (proofs), online gallery (if we are unable to meet in person), prints or print credit. Your session booking fee includes all consultations before and after your session. Approximately 3 weeks after your session we will meet to preview your pictures and place your order.


What to wear


Clothing can be an essential element to portraiture, and can serve to help create a specific mood, look or feel to your images. Choose classical colours that are simple and coordinate with each other. Pick a colour scheme and mix ‘n’ match similar colours. Layering and accessories also look good. Pinterest has some great ideas for colour mix ‘n’ match.

Some ideas:

·         Keeping it simple – jeans and a cute shirt/top are perfect to have fun & get a classic timeless feel to your pictures

·         Avoid large prints, bright coloured patterns & logos

·         Dressy clothes that don’t allow you to relax & be yourself

·         Short skirts or low necklines that could be a potential wardrobe malfunction

·         Tightly pulled-back hair styles

·         Restrictive clothing that makes you or your child uncomfortable


Hope this helps you in deciding ‘what to wear’.